Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 Recap

                                                                       (Photo of me in Paris October 2015, inspired at an Art Gallery 59 Rivoli)

Yeah, yeah, I know, I am a little late to the game but I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone that helped me, referred me and worked with me in 2015 and also share with you my wonderful experiences of this past year.

My 2015 started off pretty shaky for me because those crazy winter  months are rather slow and for those of you that know me well are aware of my chronic asthma, so I was cooped up saying no to the seldom jobs I was blessed to be offered. This discouraged me but things picked up at the end of January and I was hopeful my year would be good.

This year was one of growth and discovery in regards to my art. For the most part of the year I focused on television and commercial work. It is hard to say no to work and I feel fortunate to constantly work but to be honest, I felt an extreme emptiness in me because I was not test shooting or doing any creative beauty. My biggest fear as an artist is to become monotonous in my work and bland. So, I realized that for me, I need to balance paid work and self gratifying work in regards to letting my creative juices flow. Both are so different and being on either set really makes me happy and brings me joy.

Below are some of my highlights of this work year:

* Joined the Local 798 IATSE union as a makeup artist

* Worked on Lottie's makeup team for fashion week in Milan. (major dream/goal come true)

* Was on the Maybelline Pro team under key artist Yadim

* Worked in Milan and Paris

* Interviewed in an international publication as an artist

* Two different publications interviewed me regarding a makeup look I did on a celebrity

* Fortunate to be key artist on a handful of national commercials and advertising jobs

* Did makeup and grooming on more notable personalities and celebs I could have imagined

* I was able to obtain new commercial clients, keep them, work with them on a continuous basis

* Did a handful of editorials for smaller scale print publications

* Dayplayed on episodics and I am a regular artist for TV jobs

* Practiced doing blowouts, not a pro but I have worked on my hair skills

I am so thankful to all the creatives that refer me and  pass my info along for gigs, this past year was excellent thanks to you all. I am also grateful to work with people that believe in me and have given me a chance. Excited and thrilled for what's to come this year! Wishing everyone a wonderful, and productive work year filled with love, growth and gratification.