Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Icelandic Punk Museum in Reykjavik

Music heavily influences various aspects of my life. I grew up listening to rock music. My mother and father were fans of Kiss, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones & Rod Stewart. Punk rock has always been my favorite and I graduated onto also falling in love with the grunge movement and all artists from that era. My favorite T-shirt is one my mom gave me. One of the custom made tees her and my father had (his/hers), matching ones with snakes in the front and their last name on the back, to go to rock shows together. I eventually grew up to be like my mom: long hair, rock t-shirts, jeans and boots, anything leather and a love for attending live music shows. 

Music plays an important role in makeup and vice verse. They feed off of one another. When I look at music videos from the past eras, I always find myself intrigued by the makeup and hair styles of those particular times. The punk scene from the 1970's has long since been highly influential in fashion and trends including fashion houses such as: Givenchy, Balenciaga & Saint Laurent. 

When I was researching places to visit and things to do in Reykjavik, Iceland, I came across the Icelandic Punk Museum and my heart stopped. I knew I had to visit it. I am currently here and I just went to it. It is amazing. It kind of caught me off guard when I walked by it today, since I was not planning on visiting on this day. The Icelandic Punk Museum is not in an area I thought it would be. It is bam smack in the middle of a bustling tourist location, near the Hard Rock Cafe and souvenir shops with a brand new Joe & The Juice open nearby. 

The stairway leads you down to the Punk Museum that used to be a bathroom, with each stall hosting signs, posters and tagging that emote the punk rock movement, messages, sentiments and energy. I literally felt like I was in Camden, (London) in this small museum. These used to be public restroom stalls and the owner is none other than THE John Lydon from the Sex Pistols!!!!! 

This has definitely inspired me to want to do a punk rock beauty editorial. Yes, I know this has been done many of times but I haven't done it and growing up in a rock loving family and being a punk rock fanatic myself, I am sure it will make me happy internally, to incorporate my love for punk rock music married with my love of makeup and color. Check out the photos I took with my phone: