Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Makeup for Men...I Mean, Grooming for Men

Almost one third of my jobs every month are corporate client jobs such as real estate companies, banks, law firms, computer and tech savvy companies. Many of these companies require head shots. The vast majority of the employees are everyday men.

At first, most of the men are reluctant and adopt the ever so popular macho attitude and refuse any makeup. The thought of any cosmetic products makes them shiver in fear. So I smile and say: "I can either do it here at my makeup station in private or I can do your grooming (makeup and hair for men) on set right in front of everyone. I promise I won't make you look like a drag queen." Needless to say, they chuckle and give in and when it's time to leave, I offer them makeup wipes, about 98% of the men decide to keep their makeup on, they love it!!!

                                                                         (photographed by Rick Day, grooming: Maria Ortega)

Now, I could be lazy and just slap on some powder on their faces which have been exposed to the ever so pure air of NYC, but I really like to give my clients an experience they won't forget. So I usually cleanse their face, use a toner and apply an eye cream as well as a moisturizer. If needed, I use a little concealer under eyes to cover dark circles and depending on the individual, either a pressed color powder or a translucent pressed powder to eradicate shine.

How can the everyday man use makeup? Well, for starters, having a skin care routine is an excellent start, using a face wash daily, a toner and moisturizer day and night. If you want to get fancy then an eye cream can be added into the mix. Even if you don't want to invest in expensive skin care, any drug store brands will do the job. They have plenty of economical options catered to men, specifically.

The Non Visible Makeup Routine for men:

*Face wash
*Toner, Witch Hazel or an Astringent applied with a cotton ball or cotton round
*Eye Cream
* Moisturizer- an Oil Control one for oily skin or a super hydrating one for dry skin
*Concealer under eyes if you have dark circles and you can apply this on the side of nose too
*Skip the previous step if you have flawless skin, you can apply to blemishes too
*Apply translucent (no color) powder to forehead, nose and chin with a sponge or powder puff
Below are some of my favorite products for men:

Face wash: Cetyphyll can be bought at any pharmacy or Wal*Mart/Target

Moisturizer: Murad Oil Control Mattifer can be purchased at Sephora (Neutrogena makes an oil free moisturizer that can be purchased at any pharmacy)

Eye Cream/Eye Gel:
Nivea Eye Roll-On reduces puffiness and dark circles. It's inexpensive and makes you look well rested. Purchase at your local pharmacy.

                        Concealer: Splurge: Veil Cosmetics Illuminating Complexion Fix can be used under eyes, to cover blemishes and around nose. This is worth every penny! It has a natural finish and I use this on set when I do grooming on men. You can't tell the men are wearing makeup. Can be purchased online here.

Concealer on a budget:
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch sold at drugstores.

Translucent pressed powders: MAC Prep and Prime  (on the left) and a more economical one found at drug stores is: Neutrogena Shine Control Powder (on the right)

These are the sponges you can use to apply the powder. Use for up to a week then throw away and use a new one. (You can buy these at any pharmacy or dollar store near you).

Gentleman, I hope this post has been a little helpful. Although you may not want to use the makeup, a good start is the skin care regimen. This is also  good for any woman who refuses to wear makeup as well. Some concealer to erase dark circles and blemishes and translucent powder to keep away shine make anyone look very polished! Hope you venture into the concealer for special occasions!!! Real men wear makeup too. 
Super Model Ollie Edwards photographed by: Joseph Sinclair, Hair: Andrita Renee, Makeup by Maria Ortega for ADON 

*Opening photo: Actor Nico Tortorella photographed by Greg Swales, Grooming by: Maria Ortega for ADON)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#TipTuesday Your Makeup is Only as Good as Your Skin

So much emphasis is placed on makeup and cosmetic products.....however, your makeup is only as good as your skin. When all the makeup is removed and washed off, what remains is your face, your skin. Once the illusion of makeup is gone, what lies beneath is exposed.

So my #TipTuesday is: Invest in an excellent skin care routine appropriate for your skin type and needs. Your skin will thank you now and in the years to come. You will age more gracefully and need less makeup. When starting a new skin care routine, test product on jaw line near ear. If you don't break out after a day, then it should be safe to try on your entire face. Better safe than sorry. Test it out first. 

*makeup remover
*face wash
*toner or witch hazel 
*eye cream
*face cream and SPF

These are a great start and you can add a weekly face mask and a serum and/or night cream in the future but for now start with the basics and you will see a difference. These small steps will make a huge impact on your skin now and in the future.

*Aspiring MUA? Working artists invest just as much in skin preparation for their kit. Proper skin prep on set allows for a solid and good base, makeup lasts longer and looks more flawless.*

Photographer: Kira Bucca, Hair: Daleesa Weary, Makeup: Maria Ortega

Monday, April 27, 2015

Makeup for LuuxeHut photoshoot!

Working in this industry has not only allowed me to meet extremely talented artists and creatives but has also granted me the opportunity to become friends with people I collaborate with.

I was most recently a part of the team for the LuuxeHut photoshoot. My friend and wardrobe stylist Kyle Luu and his sister, actress Tiffany Luu curated LuuxeHut, an online fashion store that caters to girls with an alternate fashion sense. This is aboslutely amazing because it allows girls and women to dress in style with the latest fashion trends without breaking the bank. 

This shoot was so much fun because I got to spend the day with friends I love. Below is a preview. After viewing, go shop LuuxeHut!

Models: Doretha M., Piya, Emily Menke
Photographer: Hadriel Gonzalez
Hair: Andrita
Makeup: Maria Ortega (me)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Back To Blogging!!! (New beauty work)

Hi everyone! After a long hiatus from blogging, I have decided to return to writing on my blog. I want to continue to upload my recent work and perhaps talk about certain products that I love and cannot live without.

Ultimately, I want it to serve as my makeup journal or diary and share my experiences on set with anyone who is willing to read up on my posts. Additionally, I want to continue to interview established as well as emerging artists.

Stay tuned to be flooded with my blog posts.

In the meantime, here are a few images from a recent beauty test I did.

Model: Ella Darr @ Q Models

Photographer: Jamiya Wilson

Hair: Andrita Renee

Makeup by Maria Ortega (me) using:
Murad Skin Care
Kevyn Aucoin: Beauty Beauty Balm, Sensual Skin Enhancer, Sculpting Powder, Candlelight POwder Highlight, Molasses Elegant Lip Gloss
Givenchy Brow Pencil as well as Anastasia Brow Whiz
Givenchy Powder Blush in In Vogue Orange
Inglot matte shadows on the neutral eye looks
Yaby Cosmetics eyeshadows on the more dramatic eye, a mixture of Midnight Blue, Butterfly Blue, Emerald Sea, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Royal Brown and & Seashell