The best  tip I can give any woman is to invest in a skin care set and use it daily, morning and night. Not only can the proper cleanser, eye cream, and moisturizer serve as a preventative measure in the aging process but they provide the proper hydration and protection your skin needs. Use daily prior to makeup application. This will set the perfect base and canvas to work with. Without proper skin preparation, skin can look dull, ashy or patchy when makeup is applied.  Also make sure to select the proper skin care products for your skin type and needs. Have in mind that you can mix and match brands and do not necessarily need to stick to one brand.

* Fashions come and go, so discover your classic beauty look and although you may follow a fad, you always know what works for you and can help you opt to skip a new makeup trend

*Choose the foundation that is best appropriate for your skin type

* Never sleep with makeup on, always remove prior to bed

* Key to great makeup is blending. Learn to properly blend foundation, blush, shadows etc

* Makeup should enhance your natural beauty and best features, do not cover them with loads of makeup

* If your makeup is not flattering-then it is too much

* When opting to use a bold lip color, make sure to exfoliate lips and use a nude liner, apply lipstick, blot, then apply lipstick again, then blot

* Remember that if you follow tutorials, that a vast majority are too extreme to wear on a daily basis for a 9-5

* Always choose age appropriate looks. This in turn will make you look evern more youthful