Monday, January 30, 2012

My Work Featured in Vogue Italia's: PhotoVogue online

Vogue Italia allows photographers to showcase their talent and recent images on their PhotoVogue section. Vogue editorial staff evaluates photos, assesses their quality, if they meet the criteria and are considered suitable for publication, then the images are published on

I was very thrilled to discover that two images of my work have been featured on Vogue Italia online. Although my work wasn't selected to be in the print magazine, it is a very joyous occasion for me. I am so glad to be able to do what I love and work with the fabulous teams that made such images possible.

The first image is: NAVY YARD

Photographer: Al Rodriguez
Model: Victoria @ Red Model Management
Stylist: Queena Yan
Hair: Jachelle Whiting
Designs by: LNB Eye N Wear & Devaue Body Jewelry
Makeup: Maria Ortega Makeup


The second image is: MODERN WITH  A DEBT TO THE PAST
Photography: Paul Tirado
Model: Ivy Timlin @ Major Model Management
Clothing Designer: r e d d o l l  by Tatyana Merenyuk
Makeup/Hair: Maria Ortega Makeup


The coolest thing about all of this was calling my mom and texting her photos, along with the links to them on Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue section. Nothing is more gratifying to me, than to hear my mom tell me she is proud of me. I thank her for teaching me what I know about makeup and being my inspiration. I know this is just a baby step, but it's a step forward to reaching my future goals.


  1. Congratulations! The photos are beautiful! Definitely more than a baby step!

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  3. Oh my gosh! This is so exciting. Congrats! Found you through beautylish. New follower! :D


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