Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Makeup Kit Essentials Besides Cosmetics in Your Pro Kit

The main focus of your kit is obvously makeup, but there are additional items that are key in a professional makeup kit. Besides makeup palettes, foundation bottles, primers, lipsticks, glosses and liners there are additional must haves.

Below is a list of items I carry in my kit aside from cosmetics:

* Brushes- not just one set, take an addtional set if you are working on more than one client

* Skin care-eye cream, moisturizers for each skin type, toner/witch hazel, Evian spray or water in spray

Removers-makeup wipes, makeup remover, Sens'eyes
* Disposables- disposable mascara wands, disposable makeup sponges, q-tips, tissue, paper towel roll,  cotton rounds and cotton balls

* Tools- tweezers, mini scissors, eyelash curler, pencil sharpener & nail clippers

* Lashes-full strip lashes, individuals, lash glue

* Nails- polish remover, clear/nude, red and black polish

* Cleaning- hand sanitizer, baby wipes, brush cleaner spray, alcohol in spray bottel, Beauty So Clean

* Skin/Face extras- vaseline, argan oil or baby oil, eye drops, blotting paper, lip scrub, baby powder, body lotion, lip balm,

* Misc Extras- hand held mirror, hair clips to pin hair back during makeup application, mints, protein bar, water/Gatorade, also a plastic bag to dump all of your trash, mini towels to set on table prior to setting up

* Business Cards- these are a must and are a great way to network and keep in contact

These are the things that I carry in my kit, not mandatory but do make your job a lot easier and make you look more professional. Also, a clean kit is appealing to the client and can make or break your deal. I hope this has been some help in those individuals starting to put their professional kits together!


  1. People have no clue all the stuff you actually have to carry around lol

  2. Heh, I love people saying "wow how much makeup do you have" and then them realising that over half my kit is just tools and cleaning products.

  3. Yes, there is more to being a MUA than just carrying makeup in your kit. Skin prep is of extreme importance. Sometimes, I am like, "ughhh I hate carrying all of this." Then a photog or client will ask for something and I am so grateful for having it in my kit. 80) Better safe than sorry. 80)

  4. Great post! It's good to be prepared ;-)


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