Thursday, October 13, 2011

Makeup Tips for Mature Women

Up until recently, being considered a muture woman and aging was viewed as a completely negative thing and everyone wanted to avoid it. Today, we still do everything possible to avoid aging at a premature rate. However, we find that even Hollywood is more accepting of mature women and includes a few mature women to their "hot" lists or "best bodies" list. Women can be beautiful, admired, gorgeous and hot at any age but in order to do so, applying the proper makeup is key. I personally that mature women are a delight to work with and are very gorgeous, inside and out because aside from natural beauty they posses life wisdom, experience and are care givers.

Perhaps coloring your lids with electric blue, hot magenta, canary yellow or bedazzling your lids with tons of glitter may not be as great of an idea as it may have been during your teens or while in your twenties, you can still apply makeup that is flattering to you and age appropriate.

Skin Care:
  As we age our skin tends to loose hydration along with collagen and elasticity. It is of extreme importance to have an excellent skin care regimen to prevent any future premature aging and to maintain healthy skin. Also, the better you take care of your skin, the better your makeup will look and feel.
  Opting for a cream cleanser might be more suitable for dry skin and should be used at least once a day, I prefer twice. An oil cleanser can be a great alternative, such as Josie Maran Argan Oil Cleanser, or Shu Uemura's variety of cleansing oils.
  An eye cream should be included in your nightly and day routine to combat dark circles, dryness, under eye puffiness, signs of aging and to prevent future environmental damage. Some of my favorites for mature skin are: Philosophy Miracle Worker eye cream, Bliss Youth as we Know It eye cream,  and Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye. Use your ring finger to lightly dab the eye cream on the contour of your eye, avoiding the eye lid unless you are using an eye lid lifting cream such as Bremenn's eye lift cream.
  Face cream with anti-aging benefits are a great choice. My top picks for this are: Perricone Cold Plasma, Bliss Youth As We Know It anti aging cream is a great deal because it doubles as an eye cream. You can use your day cream as a night cream but most opt for a night cream that is heavier.

  When I am doing makeup on a middle aged woman and older I usually opt to massage the face with Argan Oil prior to makeup application. I usually then proceed with a tinted moisturizer because it gives just enough coverage but leaves skin supple and with a healthy glow. My go to tinted moisturizers are: Cargo, Laura Mercier, & OCC. I prefer liquid foundations vs. powder for mature skin because powders can enhance the appearance of wrinkles, large pores and isn't ideal for dryer skin types.
  If foundation is preferred I like foundations that give full coverage without feeling heavy or cakey on the skin. Prior to any foundation application make sure to apply an eye cream, face cream and if desired a primer such as Smashbox's Anti Aging primer with Dermaxyl. Proceed by dabbin a bit of foundation on on bridge of nose, forhead, cheeks, and chin, blend foundation from center of face outward. My favorite foundations for mature skin are those that are hydrating and give a glow, Tarte's Recreate-Anti Aging (this one is a fabulous choice because it contains rewind technology that helps retain moisture by over 50% and helps reduce the apperance of wrinkles with continued use), and also Chanel's Lift Lumiere foundation becuase it has anti-aging benefits, and ingredients while hydrating skin and giving a flawless finish.

  Avoid a heavy concealer and opt for more liquid like concealers such as Cargo's One Base or YSL Touch Eclat. Both light to the touch but conceals just about anything.

Eye Shadow:
  It seems like just every shadow today has multitudes of shine, shimmer of glitter, however, bypass these and opt for the matte shadows. If you already have some shimmers and do not want to dispose of them, limit yourself to using them on the inner corner of eyes and just on eye lids. I prefer matte shadows because they do not enhance any fine lines or drooping lids. Countour your eyes with darkest shadow on the outter corners. If you have a droopy eye lids, no need to worry, simply countour eye in a  sideways "V" shape and go upward to somewhat hide the extra bit of skin, avoid using a highlighter color in that area becaue it will only emphasize it. Neutrals would be your best color choices. Powder shadow or smudged liner is better than a harsh line.

Creams are my preference for mature women because it is hydrating and gives off  healthy glow. You can layer your cream blush by topping it with a powder blush. Once again, I would avoid over the top glittery blushes of shimmery highlighters. My pics for cream blushes are: Nars the Multiple, can be used on lips, cheeks and lids, also Kevyn Aucoin's creamy Moist Glow. If powder is a must, Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are hydrating and long lasting. One quick tip for blush application is not to suck in your cheeks, or smile when applying blusher because this alters the shape of your face and when you release from such pose, usually your blush will end further down your face, instead apply on cheekbones without making a face.

As we age, our lips loose that plump, full look and tend to get a bit thinner than in more youthful days. Not to worry, simply avoid harsh, strong and deep lip colors that are not flattering on thin lips. Instead opt to line lips with a nude lip liner and apply a lipstick and top with gloss to give a fuller look. In a rush? No worries, simply line line lips and top with gloss. Skip the plumpers as they are only temporary and sting a little. My favorite liptick choices for mature lips: YSL, Dior and Chanel they are all hydrating, long lasting and make everyone woman feel like a million bucks! (side note, always line lips to prevent feathering of lip color)

Fuller brows are usually associated with youth and strong women. Opt for a powder to brush color on brows and then set with a colored brow gel. Anastasia is your go to brand for all things brows.

Setting Powder:
You can lightly dust a setting powder after all your makeup is done, my favorite for this is Amazing Cosmetics setting powder.

I hope this blog posting was helpful for those gorgeous mature women reading it, or if you are an aspiring MUA, or simply to give your mom, grandma some makeup tips. 80)

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