Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quality Makeup Over Quantity

Makeup is usually an important part of the vast majority of women in this day and age. Many women, do not even leave their home without a bit of foundation, a coat of mascara and at least some gloss. Living in a rather vain country, obsessed with looks and concerned with the opions of other's about us and how we look, we turn to makeup to make us feel pretty. It is true that beauty is only skin deep, but it makes us feel good about ourselves when we use cosmetics to enhance our best features and facial attributes.

I decided to write up a posting regarding the quality of makeup vs. the quantity we have because many women and makeup artists just love to buy, buy, buy makeup and accumulate it. Most of it which is seldomly used. In fact, almost all women own makeup they may have bought on impulse and will never use. The same can be said about makeup artists. I, myself am totally guilty of this. I purchase for myself, purchase for my mom, purchase for my kit. However, although I am not a huge fan of drugstore makeup or products that cost less than a McDonald's value meal, some actually work well and give women the results they love. I actually swear by the eyebrow powders Wet & Wild makes and use it on myself frequently.

For an everyday woman, the drugstore can provide you with an array of products that can give great results and make you content with them. It would be absurd to splurge on an "in" color you are looking to try out for the season, in these cases as well, more economical makeup is a great idea and deal.

My concern is actually for makeup artists whose entire kits consist of  Elf, NYX, Coastal Scents and Drugstore brand products. Although these products may give the every day woman the results she is looking for, we must be realistic and admit that these do not give the same results such as quality makeup especially designed for professional use with better quality ingredients, pigments etc. Trust me, I am not disrespecting any MUA that has a few of these products in their kits. I am simply pointing out that those who have entire kits of such brands can not expect to charge as much as those makeup artists with professional kits, with pro grade, HD, high quality makeup. The difference is almost always noticeable in photos or length of wear.

So if you are an aspiring MUA, instead of buying tons of inexpensive makeup, it might be a better idea to invest in a quality brand neutral eyeshadow palette, a few good liquid foundations, or even Graftobian HD cream foundation palette, corrector/concealer palette, neutral lip pencils, a couple of glosses, one palette with shadows that have pops of color, a translucent setting powder, water proof mascara in black/brown, water proof eye liner in black/brown and a blusher palette.  With these basic items, along with skin prep products, you will be more than set for almost every job with the exception of crazy avant-garde makeup which is very rarely required on paid jobs or agency testing. Neutral, natural and fresh face is usually what you will find yourself needing to do.

For an everyday woman, simply finding a great foundation appropriate for your skin type and needs is essential. You may find that purchasing a superior quality foundation although, a bit more cash demanding upfront, may actually save you some $ in the long run because a little goes a long way and in turn, you use less product. Also, purchasing an eyeshadow quad that is simple and easy to apply yet also flattering to your skin tone and eyes can be a great investment that can transform your look. Obviously not all your makeup need or should be expensive, but with only a few products from Sephora or from a department store counter, you can rest assured they will make you feel like a million bucks but these cosmetic products will also transform you into a diva.

What are your drugstore makeup must haves?

How about your makeup splurges?


  1. It's true. I own all nyx cream blushes & lip products because they are awesome, but you won't find drugstore in my kit after that. it's not only about quality but if someone is paying me over $300 to do makeup, I better have high end makeup in my kit. They are paying me for an experience, to feel like they are getting luxurious products used on them.

  2. Exactly, the clients expect it to be an amazing experience. Especially brides, this is a day they will never forget and goes in their book of memories forever. 80)

    I must give those NYX blushes a try. I am not going to lie, I carry the Wet & Wild brow powders in my kit, but when its for a client, I use Annastasia instead.

    I came across a MUA who had all drugstore brand makeup & brushes. She was not a beginner either. With all the excess makeup she had in her kit, she could have bought a basic, pro grade kit.

  3. Wow shocking, yea I'm always upgrading my kit. I had nyx powders in the beginning, now they are MUFE, once drugstore mascaras are now Dior, etc.

  4. The only drugstore brands & items in my kit are: L'Oreal Volumious Mascara (but I also carry Dior & Inglot), Maybelline Brow Tech (also carry Kevin Aucoin) and Neutrogena Wipes and that's it. Everything else is Pro!


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