Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Achieve the Perfect Pout

When it comes to makeup, nothing is more seductive than attention grabbing, lucious lips. Everyone takes at least a couple of glances at a person's lips when they are talking despite what they are wearing on their lips. Even if you prefer a more simple makeup look, sans all the shadow and glitter, you can still make a fierce statement with a bold lip color in red, hot pink, coral, plum, orange or any color of your choice.

To achieve a perfect pout a few steps are key to obtaining it. Below are a few steps and tips that can ensure a great bold lip.

1) Exfoliate your lips prior to applying your makeup. You can mix honey & sugar and use a toothbrush that you do not use on your teeth to gently scrub off excess dead skin cells.

2) Apply a lip balm like Rosebud Salve on lips and proceed to apply your regular makeup, foundation, shadow etc.

3) Dab off extra balm with a tissue

4) Line lips with a nude lip liner or with a neutral color, a shade similar to your skin color. Start from your outer corners of your mouth working your way to the center of you mouth. Do this for both top and bottom then fill in lips as well.

5) Using a lip brush apply your lipstick, once again try and start from the outer edges and work your way to the center. Use small strokes similar to connect the dots vs. one single stroke as this can easily mess up your line. Fill in lips with color.

6) Blot lips with a tissue paper. This removes excess lipstick & absorbs oil.

7) Apply a light touch of loose powder with your finger to your lips to make it long wear lipstick.

8) Reapply your lipstick with lip brush.

9) Blot with tissue again.

10) Optional: you can top with gloss but I prefer to apply the sheerest wash of lip balm to ensure that lips stay moist.

I hope these tips can help you achieve the perfect pout the next time you choose to go bold with lips!

*Photos copyright of Maria Ortega Makeup

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