Friday, September 26, 2014

Interview with Sebastien Tardif and Veil Cosmetics

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and have a late lunch with an amazing person and friend of mine Sebastien Tardif. We met up in Colombus Circle and had great conversation about life, what's new in our careers and go over the questions I had prepared for the interview. This interview for me is very special because Sebastien, has played an important role for me in my career. I will explain how further into the interview, but I will always remain thankful to Sebastien for a great opportunity and friendship because although he has plenty of years of experience as a makeup artist, he is one of the most humble creatives you will ever meet. Just ask anyone who has ever met him. Read along!

Sebastien Tardif

1) How did your makeup journey begin?
Having always loved fine arts in school, I ended up obtaining my bachelor's degree with a major in Studio Arts. I always painted human faces loving to add more of an abstract feel to them using lots of light vs. shadow contrast and texture. During my studies, I also developed a keen interest for fashion, specifically runway shows and editorials. It all dawned on me upon graduating: faces on canvas + fashion = Makeup! That was 17 years ago and never looked back since.

2) Do you think that the makeup industry has changed from when you first began?
Absolutely. That is one of the main reasons why I like the industry so much, it is in constant evolution.

3)How do you think it has changed?
Easier access to professional makeup. Pro makeup trade shows did not exist at the time I began doing makeup and there are a lot more brands to choose from now as well. Textures have improved immensely in regards to cosmetic products, which I personally always deplored when I first began playing with makeup i.e. pancake and stick makeup were the way to go and now it’s all about HD and real looking skin which I love.

4)What key factors contributed to your success?
Coming from a small town and only speaking French, I knew from the get go I would have to export myself and learn English, and that’s exactly what I did at the age of eighteen. Additionally, hard work ethics is a must, never taking no for an answer.

5)Many makeup artists feel that they must live in cities such as NYC, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Paris to become you feel that is true?
It’s all relative to the scale and size of your dreams. All I knew is that I was going to travel for work and that’s exactly what I did. Careful what you wish for cause if you believe in yourself, it will happen.

6)What has been your biggest challenge or obstacle in your career? Myself.

7)Did you ever feel stumped or discouraged, possibly even contemplate quitting makeup? NEVER, not for one second.

8)What is your most memorable moment as a makeup artist? Certainly the launch of my makeup line Veil Cosmetics at New York Fashion Week. 
9)Have you made any sacrifices to pursue your career? I worked doing makeup, traveling around the world for 13 years straight, I certainly missed out on a lot of family and friends events and gatherings.

10)What advice would you give to makeup artists that really want to make it in the industry? Believe in yourself, keep an open mind and be curious; if you ever think you “have arrived”, that’s when your star will start to fade and die.

I personally am a true fan of your cosmetic line, Veil Cosmetics. It's funny because we met during your launch of Veil during NYFW a few seasons ago. I was fortunate to be part of your team at the Falguni and Shane Peacock show at Lincoln Center and it was instant attraction and love for the complexion fix pen. Now, they form staples in my kit for makeup on set, everyday women and men's grooming for television, print and special events. Tell us more about Veil Cosmetics:

Veil Cosmetics
1)How did the idea of  Veil come to be?
I developed a passion for skin, weightless makeup and refined textures while living in Asia for over 5 years. I was also inspired by how much women loved their skin care regimen (especially in Japan and Korea), and it made me want to fuse that with all of my makeup.

2)What separates Veil from the vast array of cosmetics out for purchase?
Weightless textures, staying power, and our fast beauty approach to makeup. (there are WAY TO MANY MAKEUP STEPS OUT THERE).

3)Where can it be purchased?
Mostly professional use like makeup studios, salons, spas, medi-spas, and of course (see the location tab for more details) Can it be shipped outside of the US? We ship world wide!

4)Is it only for makeup artists or can the everyday woman use it?
We are loved by both makeup pros and enthusiasts.

5)Animal testing? NO

6)Any unique qualities or benefits from using complexion fix pen?
COMPLEXION FIX can be used as Concealer, Corrector, and Highlighter. Plus, it has skin treatment in it making it ideal for all skin types being hypoallergenic, oil free, non-comedogenic, and non-irritating. Completely build able, you can achieve a seamless application no matter how much or little you use. It always looks like skin since we have 12 amazing colors: from porcelain to tan, in Neutral, Pink, or Gold undertones.

8)Since a lot of professional makeup artists can make great use of these magical Complexion Fix Pens, do you offer a pro artist program or a discount?
Yes, for the occasion, I would like to extend to all your readers the chance to join our Pro Artists Discount Program exclusively offering 40% off at all times on our website. Simply email us at and we will honor your existing pro status with any other brands, just send us a picture or scan of the card!!!!

I will always be thankful to Sebastien and Veil Cosmetics as well as the artist that referred me via Twitter to be on the Veil Cosmetics team during the launch at NYFW. It was my first show for MBFW at Lincoln Center and it was definitely a memorable moment in my career as an artist! I am a loyal fan of Veil Cosmetics and the Complexion Fix Pens form staples in my pro kit. I think this is a great addition to pro artists kits as well as for beginners and any hair stylist wanting to get into grooming or basic makeup. I use the Complexion Fix Pen in 3N as a light concealer under my eyes because I love how it feels and makes me look super natural. So what are you waiting for, go sign up for the pro discount!

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