Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Innocent & Green Scene in the Concrete Jungle

Living in NYC, it's not often that we get to be surrounded by trees, plants and just an overall green scenery. It was refreshing to shoot in an area that made me question if I was still in NYC.  The mosquitos situation was mad real though. My legs have the scars to prove it lol.

The makeup look for this shoot was aiming for a fresh dewy look with good skin. It was a pretty hot day so instead of skipping out on powder, I did used cream highlighter and set her face with powder. We had initially prepped at a home studio and then drove to the location in one of the surrounding boroughs. So the drive there and walk from parking allowed for her skin to become dewy and refrain from becoming oily or allowing the makeup to move.

Model: Carlyle @ The Society
Photographer: Jordan James
Hair: Andrita
Makeup: Maria Ortega

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