Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Pretty in Punk" by Nick Eucker for NOI.SE Magazine

I am obsessed with the Ramones. Just about anyone who knows me well, is aware that I wish I could have attended a Ramones concert during their hay day. Hashtag PuNk iS nOt dEaD! I just got back from London a few weeks ago and was living for and absorbing every second I spent in Camden- where the real punk scene still thrives. From mohawks and crazy bright hair color, to the Docs, leather jackets everywhere, studs, band patches, more studs and ripped vests-everywhere you look you will see a punk vibe.

I am always thrilled when anything involves The Clash, Sex Pistols, Crass, The Misfits, Bad Brains or a little Rancid. So when my photographer friend, Nick told me about a shoot that had punk rock vibes I was so with it. 

The thing about fashion is that you can always take inspiration from anything and put a spin on it and interpret it in whichever manner you like. For this shoot, we made her pretty in punk. I had worked with the model Dom before and was excited to be reunited with her. 

Pretty in Punk was a cool shoot and I had fun with the makeup. I had recently returned from Europe when we had the shoot and I was inspired by graphic liner because that was all the rage for many shows during FW 2016 season. Dom the model also had perfect lips so we opted for statement lips to offset her bleached hair and brows. 

When I first started doing makeup I really wanted my work to be in NOI.SE magazine one day. This was something I was finally able to scratch off my list. Many artists gravitate to the indie magazines geared towards creatives. 

Below are the images as well as team credits:

Photographer: Nick Eucker 
Producer: Jaime Ritcher
Model: DOM @ State MGMT NYC
Stylist: Z Schaderova
HMU: Maria Ortega using OCC

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